Get all the supplies you need to look after a full range of tropical, cold water and pond fish at Four Oaks. 
With a wide range of products to cater for a comprehensive variety of species, we stock a wide range of high quality supplies at excellent prices. Our fish products include: 
Fish food 
Aquarium accessories, lighting and heaters 
Test kits 
Pumps & filters 
Water treatments 
Whatever your requirements, the aquatics specialists in our team will be happy to provide you with advice and recommendations on a range of topics, including feeding, water treatment and product selection. 
In addition, we also keep a variety of carp fishing supplies in stock, including a range of feed and a limited selection of angling accessories. 

Our Brands 

We stock an extensive selection of fish feed, accessories and products from many leading aquatic brands, including: 
King British 
Pets Choice 
Happy Pet 
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in-store, we are more than happy to source specific products for you, quickly and at a competitive price. 
Visit our superstore and stock up on all your fish and pond supplies today.